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Key objectivesTo create a video-led series of Singapore stories emphasising strength, resilience, solidarity and unity. Our editorial-style content about a Singaporean rattan craftsman, “mama shop” retailer and food hawkers connected with audiences and highlighted the city’s fortitude during the Covid-19 pandemic.
Deliverables3 multimedia articles – one each one focusing on the story of a rattan furniture craftsman, ‘mama shop’ retailer and group of food hawkers. 
3 videos were created focusing on the same Singaporeans.
Singapore Tourism Board’s audience on was highly engaged, with more than 1 in 10 interacting with the content.

A robust distribution plan, striking creative work and non-mainstream topics ensured 
we achieved more than 8 million impressions for the entire campaign.

The series of stories attracted more than 117,000 page views and over 73,000 video views across SCMP platforms.