Kurt LinContent StrategistNot shy away from pushing the equilibrium of creative impulses and commercial interests
A story collector and introvert in extrovert’s clothing with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, Kurt started writing columns soon after completing his studies in Australia and the UK, while cutting his teeth in the world of policy research and finance. Later he switched his stock ticker for a keyboard and career in journalism – working as a Hong Kong-based correspondent in Asia and left as the associate bureau chief for the international media group Monocle. He has written and hosted panel discussions in the region on a wide array of topics such as international politics, business, culture and fashion. He also has plenty of tips off the cuff on where to find the best watering holes in different cities and travel getaways to the city of Gwangju in South Korea and lesser known cities in Taiwan. 

Kurt, who is trilingual and has lived in four continents, believes Asia is full of intriguing human stories that are currently neglected – and he says he aims to tell them. Borrowing a quote from the great Winston Churchill, he thinks:
“A good story should be like a man’s tee shirt; long enough to cover the subject and short enough to create interest”