Cheryl WuContent StrategistHeart of a journalist. Mind of an analyst. Soul of a globalist.
Cheryl comes from a versatile professional background across communications, journalism and academic teaching. She loves the career change to become a content strategist. For her, the coolest thing about working for a publisher is the direct access to a vast audience - a privilege that cannot be enjoyed by most marketing or communications professionals.

Now a core member of Morning Studio's business development taskforce, Cheryl sees her job like a miniature artist: observerting and measuring an object from various angles, condensing all observations into a sketchbook (namely her proposals), and creating an art piece demonstrating its most glaring features to SCMP viewers.

"Empathy" is the most important quality that Cheryl believes a content strategist needs to possess. Being placed at the crux of a matrix - between clients, agencies, content producers, target audience and many other stakeholders - a content strategist always needs to think in someone else's situation and try to reach a multi-win situation, while preserving the quality of the created art piece.

Before SCMP, Cheryl was APACMEA Communications Manager at Travelport and Associate Director at BCW Global. She has also been a part-time lecturer at the Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong, teaching courses on public relations.
“Great stories happen to those who can tell them”