Alex OpdamSenior Video ProducerFilmmaker on a never-ending quest to learn about story
Alex, who grew up in Sydney, Australia, started work as a production assistant in the glamorous world of television soap operas and reality shows. 

Since then he’s been obsessed with understanding everything about the discipline of filmmaking and storytelling – on both a technical and creative level. 

Yet he has come to realise that the technical elements – which are all important in themselves –are nothing unless they are helping to tell a compelling story.

For Alex, much of the appeal of working with 35mm and 16mm film is the connection with the many talented people that use the medium. 

Rapid advances in technology over the past few years mean almost anything is possible if it’s within the imagination of filmmakers.

Alex, who has previously managed a small Sydney production company, has spent more than a decade working as a freelance cinematographer, director, motion graphics artist and editor for brands including Apple, Chevrolet, General Electric, Huawei and Alibaba, the e-commerce, retail and technology conglomerate that owns the South Chinas Morning Post.

He enjoys working across a range of styles and aesthetics and says he likes to allow the underlying story and characters to dictate his approach.

Alex says he is inspired by film director David Fincher’s view that “behaviour over time” is the key to compelling filmmaking. “As long as the ratio is good, it doesn’t matter how long the scene is”.
“As long as the ratio is good, it doesn’t matter how long the scene is”