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Key objectivesTo build Starstreet Precinct as a unique community by creating an annual gourmet and wine walk festival in order to lift Starstreet Precinct above other similar dining districts, build brand affinity among these food and wine lovers, and enliven the Starstreet Precinct neighbourhood.
DeliverablesAn integrated media strategy was applied from online to offline. The teaser video was successfully deployed to raise awareness and was prominently promoted on the SCMP Facebook page and spread across social media platforms. Banner ads on SCMP.com and the mobile app were also published, as well as eDMs that were blasted out through SCMP to target expats, food and wine lovers and audiences with discerning tastes. A print ad was also published on SCMP and HK Magazine to capture the target audiences. update
The Spark Awards 2017 – Best Custom Event – Silver Award
The number of tickets sold in 2016 was 1,077, which was 7.7% over the set target and 5.8% growth compared with 2015.
SCMP ended up being awarded co-organiser for this event for 7 consecutive years – starting in 2010 – until the event was discontinued.