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Custom Events
Key objectivesTo organise and manage an online forum to promote the Irish Immigrant Investor Programme amid growing demand among Hongkongers for immigration. The webinar offered viewers insights into a range of topics, including a cost-and-benefit comparison between the United Kingdom and Ireland, the liveability of the nation’s capital city, Dublin, and the necessary steps to take before moving abroad.
DeliverablesMorning Studio curated the entire virtual event – from its inception and content and creative development to the project and on-site management of the event.

The event featured a group of expert speakers from London, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

It made effective use of digital technologies, including live polling, which helped to engage the audience.

Morning Studio also developed bespoke marketing materials, including advertorial, branded content, electronic direct mails and social media to extend the reach of the forum.
The average viewing time for the one-hour event was about 76% – a figure that outperformed the industry average. 

A video of the webinar is now available to view on Bartra Wealth Advisors’ YouTube channel.