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Key objectivesCommemorating the organisation's 30th anniversary in 2018, the Hong Kong Federation of Insurers (HKFI) wanted to make a big splash at the Hong Kong Insurance Awards — a signature event in the industry since its launch in 2014 — by introducing the Lifetime Achievement Award for the first time. The Federation also hosted an inaugural Symposium and a Gala Dinner cum Award Presentation Ceremony on the same day for this special occasion.
DeliverablesIn partnership with HKFI, we co-organised two events on the same day: an inaugural Symposium, exploring emerging opportunities for the insurance industry within the context of China’s ‘Belt and Road Initiative, and their annual Gala Dinner, where a Lifetime Achievement Award was introduced for the first time to honour two outstanding industry members who made extraordinary contributions to the industry in Hong Kong. Panel discussions with esteemed business leaders, academic giants, and authority representatives were moderated by an SCMP editor, and the Symposium also featured high-profile speakers, such as the HKSAR Government Financial Secretary Paul Chan, Dr Keith Richburg, and Dr Edward Tse. The events were a great success, with Morning Studio handling all creative production — including the key visuals for all event collaterals and production, the redesigned HKFI 30th anniversary logo, and two documentary-style videos for the two Lifetime Achievement Award winners — as well as event management for the full day's activities.
With meticulous planning for the day’s events, more than 180 delegates came to the HKFI 30 Symposium and more than 430 guests were entertained at the HKFI 30 Gala Dinner cum Lifetime Achievement Award Presentation.
Positive word-of-mouth spread across the insurance industry, with many attendees and guests expressing how much they enjoyed the events. HKFI will once again work with SCMP and Morning Studio for the Hong Kong Insurance Awards and Gala Dinner in 2019.