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Key objectivesTo increase awareness for Marriott’s Michelin-starred restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau among the younger generation in Asia – thereby strengthening the brand association with the newly launched Marriott Bonvoy brand in Asia – Marriott International commissioned Morning Studio to create a series of branded videos depicting the stories of the chefs who lead each establishment. 
DeliverablesAfter extensive pre-production and weeks of filming using high-quality equipment, the Morning Studio team produced a six-episode video series that uncovered each chef’s personal culinary journey and beliefs in a cinematic style. The camera not only went into their kitchens, but also captured them in their most authentic state outside the restaurants – at the beach, a dai pai dong and a wet market – as they opened their hearts to the audience. Each video was accompanied by a dedicated write-up to add more depth to the stories being told.

On the distribution side, we adopted a social-first, video-focused strategy to cater to the content consumption habits of younger audiences. The full videos were published on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for native watching, while at the same time the content was made available on both and Goldthread – SCMP’s Gen-Z focused culture and lifestyle content platform – to maximise the campaign’s reach. We also tapped into Goldthread’s weekly e-newsletters to reach the platform's most loyal subscribers. All of these promotional activities were enhanced by the rich array of branded, aesthetically pleasing visual assets created by our in-house designers.
The comprehensive media plan served 7 million impressions and reached 1.3 million users. As a video-focused campaign, it accumulated over 432,000 video views across multiple platforms. The articles proved engaging, as they received more than 156,330 page views, with an average time on page of 1 minute and 33 seconds.