Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Television and Sports of Hainan ProvinceHello Hainan visit page
Integrated Solutions
Key objectivesWith 59 countries recently granted visa-free access to Hainan Island, Hainan was looking to solidify its status as “Asia’s Hawaii”. The province’s tourism board wanted a content series to showcase the destination from both a leisure and business travel angle, enticing travellers to visit from all over the world.
DeliverablesMorning Studio created interesting stories and developments for Hainan Province from both a leisure and business-travel angle, focusing on experiential travel offered by various cities on the island. This 7-episode series featured an array of multimedia stories — from videos, interviews, and listicles for easy content consumption. The stories were distributed through SCMP’s social media channels and through eDMs to targeted SCMP readers. One of the videos was distributed through Goldthread, to reach a young Gen-Z audience in the U.S.
The channel garnered 887,000+ pageviews, with over 578,000 users visiting the pages.
On social media, the content reached over 1.3 million users, where they engaged over 5,300 times.
A single video produced by Morning Studio featuring international surfer Monica Guo garnered over 300,000 video views.