Nicholas JonesLead Video ProducerSkilled editor with creative flair and passion for storytelling
A devotee of moving images, Nick has spent more than 10 years creating video content while working in a variety of broadcast television, commercial advertising and documentary projects. 
His extensive experience includes producing, directing, editing and developing creative ideas for a range of clients in both Europe and Asia, such as Huawei, Samsung and Honda. 
In 2017, he received a best editing nomination at the Asian Television Awards for his work on the hit six-part Discovery Channel documentary, Surviving Borneo, in which Crazy Rich Asians actor Henry Golding explored his Malaysian roots.
Nick’s primary responsibility at the Morning Studio is to devise video content from start to finish. His expertise and passion for storytelling has given him a flair for effectively combining creative ideas with brand messages.
Nick believes good stories are the most powerful way to engage with an audience.
“The art of an engaging story is simple … make things that matter,” he says. 

“The art of an engaging story is simple … make things that matter”