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Key objectivesSK-II launched a campaign titled “Meet Me Halfway” to celebrate courageous women in China who took the first step to create understanding between them and their parents on the issue of marriage pressure.
Morning Studio is appointed to create content to amplify the brand’s effort. 
DeliverablesA series of two engaging and editorially driven articles were produced by Morning Studio and published on in a dedicated channel titled "Meeting Halfway"

The campaign featured real-life stories of women who initiated the conversation with their parents and took back control of their own destinies. 

It served as a platform for successful and independent women in China to assert themselves and make their voices heard in this national conversation.

South China Morning Post is the perfect partner for highlighting issues concerning Chinese women, as SCMP understands China well and has the right audience base for stories that resonate with Asian/Chinese culture and women. 
Among all campaigns active simultaneously on, “Meeting Halfway” stood out in performance on SCMP News Facebook page with a combined reach of over 1.7 million and more than 16,000 click-throughs to the articles.

This campaign performed 50% better than other active campaigns during the same period, with over 140,000 page views. 

Throughout the campaign period, both articles were ranked within the top two Most Viewed, averaging over 61,500 page views.