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Branded Content
Key objectivesWith a new diabetes drug coming to market, Hua Medicine, a Hong Kong-listed biotech, research and development and pharmaceutical company, collaborated with Morning Studio to produce a content series to raise awareness about the disease and encourage patients and potential investors to learn more about the company.
DeliverablesTo pack in high-calibre research and keep the content engaging for the targeted audience, Morning Studio created two episodes in different formats: the first was an in-depth, research-based article with photos, the second an animated explainer video that included Dr Li Chen, Hua Medicine’s CEO, as the key expert voice. Both pieces demonstrated Morning Studio’s ability to connect with audiences through expert storytelling, even when working with complex and technical subject matter. 
The impactful content achieved impressive results of more than 430,000 page views organically and received positive feedback from the audience across different channels. Amplified via SCMP’s social media networks, the video alone received almost 50,000 views during the campaign period.