About Us

Say hello to Morning Studio!

Morning Studio is the award-winning commercial content team of the South China Morning Post (SCMP). It comprises a diverse group of experienced, highly skilled brand strategists, creatives, video/audio producers, editors and designers, representing multidisciplinary expertise that is deeply rooted in journalism.
As part of a Hong Kong-based media company that has been the region’s main source of Asian and international news since 1903, we understand the importance of communication, especially in today’s transformative times – and we know what makes a good, impactful story that matters.

Our values

We stand by these principles when creating content in collaboration with our clients – past, present and future.

Human and honest

We strongly believe in the power of human connection. Our brand campaigns are driven by authentic narratives centred around real people and their real stories. These stories are told with integrity, creating a powerful impact that helps to make the true voice and purpose of your business shine.

Adaptable, always evolving

As creatives, we stay curious and open-minded about emerging trends, innovations and expressions. This ethos has enabled us to be agile and stay ahead of the curve, ensuring your brand voice remains dynamic and relevant.

Authentic Asian perspective

SCMP has long been the world’s window not only into China, but also the Asian region as a whole. Our team operates in the thick of the Asian century, and is committed to remaining attuned to and well-versed in the unique ebb and flow of the East.

What we do

Storytelling is at the team’s core. We connect with our readers through human-centric stories while enabling our brand partners to achieve their marketing objectives and strategic aims.

Our branded content is data-driven yet highly engaging, providing adaptable solutions to our clients through the creative use of multimedia resources – including fresh narratives, compelling videos, eye-catching infographics and clever animation – as well as the application of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Content is crafted to SCMP’s high editorial standards and with the definitive voice of the SCMP platform on which it is featured, whether that’s SCMP.com, Goldthread or one of a slew of social media pages. It can also be complemented by integrated offline offerings such as sponsored supplements, bespoke publications and customised events.

Tell your brand stories with us

Morning Studio is named for the optimism, opportunities and brilliant ideas that each new day offers. Vibing with us so far? We are excited about working with you to create content that helps amplify your brand intentions and connect with our readers in Asia and beyond.
Get in touch with the team at morningstudio@scmp.com

Our solutions

Branded ContentEngaging multi-format storytelling // Content creation using SCMP’s voice // Branding and content distribution strategy
Bespoke Publishing Diverse range of magazines
// Corporate brochures // Lifestyle books and booklets
Custom Events Business events with influential leaders // Lifestyle events and private functions // Holistic event consultancy and management
Creative ServicesAdvertising ideation and copywriting // Collateral development and production // Implementation of direct marketing campaigns