Link REITGrowing Brighter: The Bold New Spirit of Hong Kong’s Fresh Marketsvisit page
Bespoke Publishing
Key objectivesTo celebrate Link REIT’s 15th anniversary, Morning Studio produced a coffee-table book featuring the property developer’s thought leadership, innovation and breakthroughs in redefining fresh markets in Hong Kong. The book included interviews with the stakeholders behind all these achievements, as well as visuals from renowned photographer Basil Pao. 
DeliverablesThe 200-page coffee table book written in English was published in both print and digital versions, featuring photography by Pao. A total of 2,000 copies were printed for distribution by the client.
From the hardcover design produced by the South China Morning Post, Link REIT created a website by adapting its creative and content. The client also amplified the campaign’s marketing efforts by creating multiple social media posts (using the hashtag #GrowingBrighter), riding on visuals and content produced by SCMP for the book.