Hong Kong Tourism Board‘Beyond Covid-19: Global Tourism’s New Normal’ Global Online Forumvisit page
Custom Events
Key objectivesHong Kong Tourism Board wanted to bring together a cross-section of stakeholders in the global tourism industry for robust discussions on the post-pandemic tourism prospects for Hong Kong, mainland China, Asia and the rest of the world. The global online event was the first of its kind to focus on international post-pandemic tourism prospects. 
DeliverablesMorning Studio curated the entire virtual forum, from its inception and content and creative development, to the project and on-site management of the event itself.

The event featured renowned speakers, including seven industry leaders in the global tourism industry across the continents, from London to Hong Kong, Geneva to Singapore and Paris to Shanghai. 

The forum made innovative use of digital technologies, such as webcasting and augmented reality, to engage audiences.

Morning Studio also developed bespoke marketing materials, from advertorial to print advertisements and electronic direct mails to expand the event’s reach and impact.

More than 3,600 travel industry professionals from 75 nations – more than half of whom were from overseas – registered for the online forum. 
The event was featured in reports by the South China Morning Post and other media outlets.